Bjarnat Krawc - Piano music by Erika le Roux

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Bjarnat Krac is considered a follower of Korla Awgust Kocor (1822-1904), the founder of the national classical Music of the middle class Sorbs in the 19th century. Not only did he immediately build upon Kocor's work, but he used similar music forms, genres and instrumentations as well.

Bjarnat Krawc was Born in Milstrich near Kamenz on 5 February 1861 as a son of the village teacher Korla Moric Krawc and his wife Hana, née Polak. He spent his childhood in Wartha near Guttau, where he received his first Music lessons. In 1874 he came to Bautzen and attended the Estates's Teacher Training College there to continue his education which he completed in 1880. After moving to Dresden in 1833 he became a Music teacher at various schools where he taught until his retirement in 1924. Between 1887 and 1893 Krawc studied at the Royal Saxon Conservatoire and graduated in composition with Felix Draeseke (1835-13), the former pupil of Franz List.

In the course of his career Krawc conducted many choirs, worked as a Music Journalist, did Editorial and promotional work, above all, however, he was a composer. After Hitler's rise to power in 1933, Krawc faced severe persecution. During the horrible bombing of Dresden in February 1945 his estates were largely destroyed. Numerous manuscripts and other documentd relating to his work burnt disappearing thus forever. After the end of the Third Reich, on the Invitation of his Czech friends and admirers from the renewed Czechoslovak state Krawc moved to Varnsdorf where he died on 25 November 1948 and was buried.

The works by Bjarnat Krawc recorded in this CD edition are a representitive selection of his chamber works. Central to this project is th composer's masterpiece, a string quartet, together with other chamber music pieces involving the piano.


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