The Göda Manuscript 1707

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The Göda Manuscript belongs to the tradition of local translations of religious texts for the use of several parishes. It consists of an interleaved copy of a German printed book entitled Vollständiges Kirchenbuch, published in Leipzig in 1697, on whose blank pages the Sorbian text has been written. The manuspript is ostensibly a translation of most of the contents of this book, so arranged that the reader, on opening the book, has before him the German printed text on one side and the Sorbian manuscript translation on the other.                        In 1996 the author rediscovered this linguistic monument which is one of the richest written sources for historic Sorbian dialect studies. A photographic copy of it is now held in the Sorbian Institute in Bautzen.

In this momography you find historic backround information and a detailed linguistic analysis by the author as well as the complete manuscript of 1701 - both linguistic variants - with a glossary capturing the vocabulary of the Sorbian manuscript to be used for futher studies. 


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